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Prestashop email marketing cost: solutions compared

To run your Prestashop store effectively, you need to choose an email marketing software in the Prestashop marketplace, integrate it and use it to perform email marketing campaigns.

In the add-on marketplace, you can find apps to integrate the most popular e-commerce email marketing software.

Which software should you choose? I’m here to help you compare the costs of the solutions you can find in the Prestashop marketplace.

To have a consistent comparison, I defined some features you absolutely need from the email marketing software.

Essential features of email marketing software

Since this research is part of a broader analysis about email marketing cost, the features of an email marketing software I consider to be essential are the same as for the analysis about BigCommerce email marketing and Shopify email marketing.

So, all the email marketing software for Prestashop considered in this analysis feature the following essential characteristics:

  • allow you to design and embed sign-up forms in order to collect leads across the store;
  • drive you through the design and implementation of email marketing campaigns with an intuitive editor;
  • allow you to design workflows to automate the customer relationship through email marketing;
  • help you in segmenting your contact base with basic segmentation criteria.

The three costs of email marketing with Prestashop

Before to deep-dive into the numbers, hold on a second because there are different costs to consider.

First, there’s a monthly cost to run email marketing campaigns. It is made by two components: the monthly cost of the email marketing software used and the Option Zen to have the Prestashop integration app updated and to be supported in case of needs.

Second, for many Prestashop add-ons, there’s an installation fee you are required to pay in advance. This one-time cost is considered as a so-called sunk cost, an investment that will be lost in case you change your mind about the service integrated in the future.

Third and last, the cost of some of the email marketing software in the marketplace is annual. The same happens with the Option Zen. This means that you have a potential switching cost: money you have spent for nothing in case you drop the service before the end of the expiry.

The monthly cost to run Prestashop email marketing campaigns

Here’s the monthly cost for running email marketing campaigns. As said, the cost is an aggregation of the email software monthly cost and the cost for one month of Option Zen.


While Moosend and Mailchimp are the preferred partners to start on a budget, once you grow a bit their cost is similar to Omnisend, Benchmark Email and GetResponse.

But wait, don’t draw your conclusion now. We should go through the whole picture before you start thinking about the best solution for you.

Sunk costs of Prestashop email marketing

The apps in the Prestashop marketplace to integrate the email marketing software do not come for free.

They all have an installation fee which represents a sunk cost.


The sunk costs are not that high. And, even if you think it might be better to go for lower sunk costs, in this case, you might be wrong.

In fact, the apps with a greater installation fee are generally better supported. Since it’s not proven, it’s a consideration of mine you may skip.

Switching costs: the worst case

The annual price you pay for some of the email marketing software and for the Option Zen represents a switching cost.

It is a switching cost because once paid at the beginning of the year, it forces you to think carefully to a switch before the annual contract ends.


Mailup switching are high simply because they do not have any monthly plan, you can only go with the annual one.

All the other software featuring a switching cost in the graph is due to the fact that they offer the Option Zen. So, it might be a switching cost you are willing to pay in order to be fully supported while operating your business.

Notes before you go

Before you go, I have two notes.

First, I have sourced the data from European and US sources. So, some of them were originally in EUR and other in USD. When required, I converted EUR into USD multiplying by 1,14.

Second, you probably do not see Sendinblue and MailJet in the article. This happened because their pricing is not based on the number of contacts but on the number of emails sent per month.

The latter type of pricing might be convenient, but it turns very complex to estimate the cost. And I prefer to be more in control of my estimations.

Personal final thoughts

I won’t tell you which platform to choose, I just suggest you three criteria for the evaluation:

  • consider carefully the aggregated monthly cost and do not commit to annual fee if there’s an economic reason to;
  • check the quality of the app in the marketplace, it’s fundamental to have the software up and running smoothly;
  • fall in love with the software you choose because you would run it daily and minor features can change your life.

Email marketing is a major topic in e-commerce, for many reasons very well documented in many blogs.

If you want one reason more, discover my opinion about the role of the email marketer in targeting the desired customer acquisition cost.