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BigCommerce email marketing cost: solutions compared

To perform email marketing campaigns for your BigCommerce store you need to choose among one of the email marketing software out there.

And, in the BigCommerce marketplace, you can find apps to integrate the most popular e-commerce email marketing software.

Which software should you choose? Well, much depends on your needs and budget.

To help you, I defined some features you absolutely need to manage your store and investigated how the various email marketing software you find in BigCommerce marketplace perform in terms of costs.

Essential features

When I started my research, I thought there are some features an email marketing software needs to have when integrated into an e-commerce store.

So, here you find email marketing software for BigCommerce which feature the following essential characteristics:

  • allow you to design and embed sign-up forms in order to collect leads across the store;
  • drive you through the design and implementation of email marketing campaigns with an intuitive editor;
  • allow you to design workflows to automate the customer relationship through email marketing;
  • help you in segmenting your contact base with basic segmentation criteria.

Costs to consider

Before going through the costs of the various email marketing solutions for BigCommerce, I need to tell you which costs I considered in my analysis.

There are two types of costs:

  • the cost of the email marketing software itself, which you can find on the provider’s website;
  • the cost for having the software integrated with the BigCommerce store (the cost of the app in BigCommerce marketplace).

The latter app can cost you some money upfront to have it installed and some monthly figure to have it up and running.

All the solutions you find in this article don’t feature any cost to be paid upfront to be integrated into your BigCommerce store, but some of them have an additional monthly cost to have it running. 

The monthly cost of doing email marketing with BigCommerce

So, the monthly cost is made up with the two components above. Here you find them aggregated in a unique value.


MailChimp is the definitive solution to start on a budget since it allows you to have the service for free up to 2K subscribers.

But, when growing a bit, it is comparable with Omnisend in terms of monthly costs and features.

Other apps you find in BigCommerce marketplace result in greater costs, basically because the cost of the software itself is greater.

Klaviyo, for example, is a powerful software which covers specific growth-oriented needs. It starts to be a solution on a budget, but once you grow the price grows dramatically.

Said that, do not exclude it, just consider whether it may be so helpful for you and your business model can bear such cost.

Sunk costs

Since none of the apps above requires you to pay anything upfront, there are no sunk costs to consider.

That’s a good news for you and your business.

Feature exploitation

I have defined, at the beginning of the article, the essential features I looked for in the e-commerce email marketing software to be integrated with BigCommerce.

But, for those features to be exploitable, the app you find in the marketplace should be working fine.

Not all of the software above have a best-in-class integration available off the shelf, at least at the time I’m writing.

So, if you already chose to run your e-commerce store on BigCommerce, check out the integrations rating beside the software itself.

Your choice should weight the feature of the software and the rating of the integration with BigCommerce.

It is a fundamental balance for you to run BigCommerce email marketing campaigns as expected.

Personal final thoughts

This article is part of a wider reasoning about email marketing cost and the role of the email marketer in targeting the desired customer acquisition cost.

This reasoning is e-commerce-platform agnostic. I’m now working on an article where I identify the best e-commerce email marketing software, based on operating costs and switching costs.